Saturday, 14 February 2009

9 Chateaux - Northern Dordogne

route map 9 chateaux in one day by Nomad www.ridersrest.netDistance: 230 miles 366 Kms

Regions: North Dordogne, Haute Vienne, Correze.

Attractions: Chateau de Puymartin, Château de Puyguilhem, Château de Jumilhac, Château de Hautefort, Château de Bourdeilles, Château Châlus Maulmont , Arnac Pompadour National Stud and Chateau, Segur le Chateau, Le Tour Masseret, Château de Coussac-Bonneval.

Coffee Stops: Ussel, Vigeois, Arnac Pompadour, Peirqueux, Chalus, Masseret,
Description: There are some narrow roads with dodgy road surfaces on this route so beware... The Dordogne region has many of the finest castles in France, often in spectacular locations, and frequently surrounded by carefully manicured gardens with far-reaching views over the surroundingcountryside. Many of the castles date from the turbulent times in the 12th-14th centuries and the wars between England and France (see Hundred Years War). Also where Richard the LionHeart spent most of his days.

Segur le Chateau

Segur le Chateau photo by Nomad Arnac PompadourArnac Pompadour photo by Nomad www.ridersrest.netMasseret TowerLe Tour Masseret photo by Nomad
Château de Jumilhac
Château de Jumilhac photo by Nomad www.ridersrest.netChâteau de Coussac-Bonneval
Château de Coussac-Bonneval photo by Nomad www.ridersrest.netChâteau de JumilhacChâteau de Jumilhac photo by Nomad

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