Saturday, 14 February 2009

Millau to Toulouse

Motorcycle touring map Millau to Toulouse by Nomad
Distance: 121 Miles; 194 Kms

Towns: Millau Saint-Rome,-de-Tarn, Saint-Affrique Albi, Marssac-de-Tarn, Gaillac, Montastruc-La-Conseillere, Toulouse.

Regions: Midi Pyrenees

Roads: D41, D96, D993, D999, N88, D988

Attractions: Millau Viaduct, West Tarn Gorges

Coffee Stops: Saint-Rome-de-Tarn, Marssac-the-Tarn

Description: Take the D41 west out of Millau following the river Tarn to the D96 which continues to follow the river untill crossing it on the D993 at Saint-Rome-de-Tarn (Coffe stop), carry on on the D993 to the D999 at Saint-Affrique. Follow the winding D999 to Albi either cut throught the centre or take the N88 byepass to Marssac-de-Tarn where you pick up the D988 through Gaillac all the way until picking up the N88 again in Montastruc-La-Conseillere should pretty much get you there It is 121 miles some 3 - 4 hours dependant on speed and stops. The route starts with a technical twisty bit but twards the end it becomes a fast strech of road into Toulouse from Albi though you will start to pick up traffic...
Millau town centre photo by Nomad

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