Friday, 16 January 2009

Off the route de cols - through the Barousse Valley

Not recommended for Goldwings etc: This is a great north south short cut - best ridden south north - but pretty outstanding both ways..... great if you're coming down to go to spain or just want to get off the beaten track.

These pictures were taken in the area - the first set are not comprehensive so do come backfrom time to time to see if they've got any better.

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The reason to go south north is you take the single track road with slightly more traffic on it going UP Port de Bales with right of way AND you get some terrific views of the Barousse Valley on the descent.


  1. Hi there,
    Thanks for the route. A couple of questions though my friend and I have done some challenging rides in the Alps e.g. Col d"lIseron and Stelvio, on Triumph Tigers. However, last year I changed to a Rocket III Roadster. I had a good but very wet time in the Pyrenees and we plan to go back this year. The Roadster is big but rides really well and I would be happy to do the Alpine passes above on it. However, I do not fancy true track and path riding on it! What is this route like. My maps suggest it may not be metalled! Thanks Chris

    P.S. our tours can be found at

  2. Last time I rode it it would have been fine, it has been cleared up quite a bit - all metalled now